#BOOM – SQL Server 2014 CPT Available

If you haven’t already heard, SQL Server 2014 is now available for public CTP out on the MSDN subscriber downloads website.

There are numerous improvements and new features across the platform including the much ballyhooed in-memory OLTP database support, support for multidimensional models in PowerView and too many other performance, security and platform enhancements. Head over to the official Microsoft site to check out a bunch of white papers, documentation and to download the CTP to get started.


As will all CTPs and Betas make sure you install and preview in a safe environment!

Till next time!




2 thoughts on “#BOOM – SQL Server 2014 CPT Available

  1. Apart from Powerview Integration with Multidimensional model (which is great!) and improvements to column stored index… Have you seen anything else on BI Side…. I didn’t hope for new features but improvements to some SSIS components + maybe new ones, SSRS and Tabular Model would be very welcome 🙂

    • I think you pretty much hit the nail on the head. Not a whole lot new just some polish. It will be interesting to see the direction with so much emphasis being put on Azure and Big Data.

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